Medicine Creek Farm

animal health - soil health - your health

the farm

Medicine Creek Farm is a sustainable, regenerative Minnesota family farm offering pastured pork and 100% grass fed and finished lamb and beef for custom order.

All our livestock are raised outdoors on pasture utilizing humane animal welfare practices. No prods, no shouting, no manhandling... unless you count that our pigs love belly rubs!  

Our heritage breed, pastured pork's grass fed diet is supplemented with organic certified feed from southern Minnesota organic grain farms.

We practice intensive-management, holistic rotational grazing, moving our cattle and sheep to a fresh pasture paddock daily to optimize animal health, soil health, and--ultimately--your health.

The farm is 160 acres of hay fields, slowly being transitioned into permanent pasture. While historically the land was occasionally used for row crops, no chemicals have been used for over 5 years.

Our seasonal streams and pond are part of the neighboring Medicine Creek watershed, which in turn flows into the Kettle River and is part of the St. Croix River Basin.

We aim to farm alongside nature, caring for the pollinators, migrating birds, wildlife, waterways, and vast diversity of microbial and fungal biology within the soil just as much as the plants and animals we eat.

Located outside the tiny town of Finlayson, we are only about 6 miles west of I-35--an hour and a half drive north of the Twin Cities and 1 hour south of Duluth.

Please come visit us in person and see the farm in action--just call or email to let us know you're on your way! We'd love to have you join us in getting to know the land and the animals that feed and sustain us.

Keep your eye out on social media and sign up for our mailing list to stay in touch and get announcements about farm parties, next deliveries, and our latest projects!


What happened to Belly Rub Bacon?

While we love our old name, it came from a time when we just had a few pigs on rented land. After buying our own farm, it didn't seem right to limit the full potential the new land holds.

After a pilgrimage to the magical but deeply hidden Medicine Creek across the road and a year experiencing the new land's beauty and wonder, it felt clear that our farm is about even more than the good care of our livestock.

We are privileged to now belong to a community of wildlife, and our care taking of this ecosystem includes the birds and bees, trees and soils.

Our hope is that you will feel as much a part of this community as we do.

And while your health may benefit from the food raised here, we hope you will also feel proud to know you are a part of giving good medicine back to the land that feeds us.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates