Medicine Creek Farm

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Belly Rub Bacon is now... Medicine Creek Farm!

Belly Rub Bacon is now Medicine Creek Farm and Ordering for 2017 is now open!

While we loved our name, it didn't seem right to limit the full potential our new land holds.

After a pilgrimage to the magical but deeply hidden Medicine Creek across the road and a year experiencing the new land's beauty and wonder, it felt clear that our farm is about even more than the good care of our livestock.

We are privileged to now belong to a community of wildlife, and our care taking of this ecosystem includes the birds and bees, trees and soils.

Our hope is that you will feel as much a part of this community as we do, and while your health may benefit from the food raised here, you will also feel proud to know you are a part of giving good medicine back to the land that feeds us.  

Let Food Be Thy Medicine


  • Our family grew!
    Harvey Goodrich was born last November just after the last pigs went to market, the sheep and cattle had been tucked into their winter paddocks, and Jason got the heat set up in the new house. Harvey is a farm baby if there ever was one and loves to ride along in the carrier for all the chores.
  • We are raising Berkshires again
    After experimenting with Mangalitsa crossed pigs last year, we decided to return to raising Berkshire crosses due to customer feedback and our own taste tests! The juicy marbling of Mangalitsa is certainly delicious, but we felt Berkshires offer a better value for customers with less back fat and bigger cuts. And raised on pasture, Berkshire pork is still a dark, tender, red meat, unlike anything you will find in a grocery store.
  • Pork will be ready late November through December
    We waited to get piglets until June this year as May was busy finishing up the house and going through our first lambing season. Hogs will begin going to the butcher weekly starting November 18th. With processing time, the earliest meat will be ready the beginning of December. Place your order soon if you'd like to ensure you'll have a Christmas ham! Later orders may not be smoked and ready until the end of December.
  • Our butcher is Lake Haven Meats in Sturgeon Lake
    We're happy to continue working with Al at Lake Haven this year. We would love to have you meet your butcher and stop by our new farm on the way to pick up your meat, but because it's a bit of a drive for some of you, we are offering delivery again as we are able. Just let us know on your order form if you're interested in delivery and we'll contact you to make arrangements.
  • We have a limited amount of grass fed lamb available
    Those interested in a whole lamb should let us know ASAP... before we eat it all! We do not anticipate having lamb available again until December of 2018. We will, however, be offering sample cuts of lamb to pork customers upon request. 
  • Grass fed beef is coming in 2018
    We will have a handful of grassfed beef quarters available next fall. Please send us an email to get on the waiting list!


We moved into our brand new house in May--just in time for lambing to start right on Mother's Day!

Built by Jason and his good buddy Matt with many materials reclaimed from an old farmhouse and its barn, the house is essentially a loft apartment above a garage. It boasts an incredible 360 view of the farm and its pastures.

From our living room window we can check on the sheep and the cattle, and we kept a close eye on lambing with a pair of high powered binoculars (as well as the hawks, eagles, pheasants, deer, and coyotes).

Jason also built us a raised bed garden and has begun work on a sorting corral for the cattle. We have additional plans for a deck, porch, and a pole shed (fingers crossed for a barn warming party next fall!), but are trying to pace ourselves.

As always, please feel free to come visit! We'd love to give you a tour and share a cup of tea while getting to know you.